Peoples Church


People’s Church is a dynamic ministry, deeply rooted in community services and children’s programs. With two locations in Hamilton, this renovation and expansion of the Mohawk location exemplifies a transformative endeavor geared towards meeting the evolving needs of their congregation.

This comprehensive initiative stemmed from a meticulous building analysis and resulted in the formulation of a strategic 4-phase renovation plan scheduled for implementation over the next decade.

The project includes a significant expansion, encompassing a 51,000 square foot renovation with a 6,000 square foot second floor addition, aimed at modernizing the facilities to better cater to the community’s needs.

Peoples Church
51,000 sf renovation + 6,000 sf addition
Hamilton, ON
In construction

Key aspects of the renovation include the addition of a sensory room tailored for children with diverse needs, a new 2,500 square foot children’s area featuring distinct play zones for various age groups, and the incorporation of an elevator to ensure overall accessibility, especially for the daycare facilities located on the second floor.

Additionally, the expansion project features enhancements such as a new façade, a two-story glass atrium, and an amplified worship sanctuary capable of accommodating 700 seats, reinforcing the church’s commitment to community engagement. Embodying a spirit of inclusivity, People’s Church stands as a beacon of commitment to its community, offering a diverse array of services and programs to nurture a welcoming and vibrant spiritual environment for all.

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