We threw a Solid Party!

We Threw a Solid Party!

We moved, we settled, we partied.

On March 1 we had the honour of celebrating our new space with more than 200 friends, all of whom showed their love and support for the dpai family. Our party theme – the platonic solids – was a result of our love for symmetry and geometry. The Platonic Solids are defined by a unique mathematical beauty that we tried to showcase in every possible way. Although our dodecahedron drink menu was a favourite, everyone enjoyed our chocolate filled party favors that came in all the Platonic Solids shapes: tetrahedrons, cubes, octahedrons, dodecahedrons and icosahedrons! A humoristic touch in our shapely theme was the enlarged Platonic Solid props our team created for the photobooth StyleGroup kindly provided for the night. Our two signature drinks: the Gin & Platonic and the Polyhedron Fizz were also fully aligned with the night’s theme and most importantly, widely preferred by our guests!

We want to send a huge thank you to Collective Arts Brewing for partnering with us for this event and to City Farm Catering for the delicious food and the impeccable service. Last but not least, we want to thank our brilliant DJs, Peter Merriman and Gary Buttrum, whose excellent taste in music and mixing skills made that night unforgettable!

We are overwhelmed by the appreciation and enthusiasm shown by our friends and we feel very lucky that we were able to share our happiness and excitement with all of you!

Until the next one!

View the full gallery and download the photobooth pictures! Click here and use the password: DPAI