I think we should add a new company value to our list: “Don’t forget to celebrate.”

It can be tough to stop and take a moment to mark even the most significant achievements. Our lives are full. We are constantly moving and growing, our neurons firing nonstop.

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been settling in a new space, with plenty of reasons (and room) to celebrate:

We are on the 18th floor. We are hovering, nay floating in the middle of our city, absorbing Hamilton’s buildings, angles, composition, and goings-on. A view like this is remarkably educational for what we do, and despite being in mid-air, we feel more grounded than ever.

We stayed downtown.  Downtown is not only where we do much of our work, but it’s accessible by transit, close to amenities (Jackson Square! City Hall! Downtown Y!) and it makes us feel connected to the city. We are even able to see some of our projects under construction without leaving our desks.

We got to design it, and it will help us grow. Our entire team worked collectively during all stages of design. Despite the logistical challenges, we managed to create a space that suits us by allowing room to daydream, focus, relax, be frustrated, problem solve, dance, and cry—all necessary parts of both life and work.

There’s a nap room. The sole survivor of four originally proposed nap rooms—and yes, we’re even known to use it. Naps are a life-giving elixir too often overlooked in the nine to five work culture. I think we should add yet another new company value: “Do not fear naps; they will set you free.”

We’ve welcomed two new team members: Amelia and Benita, who help us stay organized and inspired. They have been instrumental in our physical and cultural transition; we are very grateful to have them as part of our team.

Parties! Events! Office Karaoke! (Etc.) Having our own space to share with our friends, families, clients, collaborators, and neighbours has been liberating. (Refer to previous “WE THREW A SOLID PARTY!” post.)

Our maker space lets us dream big. This room lets us build models, play with materials and create prototypes. The possibilities that this space affords our process and projects are endless, and we can’t wait to share our future experiments with you.

So many reasons to celebrate; I know we’ll continue to find more.


Molly Merriman

Architect, Director

dpai architecture inc.